Success Already in 2015!

Awesome start to 2015. Honestly my clients totally ROCK IT.

Regaining health and starting the healing process can happen by making such simple changes that people are often really sceptical. Yep. I get a lot of strange looks.

We’ve been conditioned to think that extreme is the norm when it comes to health and lifestyle. Juicing, fasting, restrictions, starving, cabbage soup, pills, shakes and sachets….waaa! Screw that.

If you have a chronic illness then you will need a specific health plan tailored to your illness, but if you’re just feeling a bit “meh” then a few simple changes and some inspiration can work wonders!

And when results jump up and kick you up the wazoo it’s a real lightbulb moment! “Can it really be this simple…? (and delicious and awesome and easy and fun…and delicious”. YES!

“I have a breakthrough discovery to share! Yesterday and today I made pancakes with gluten-free flour. And for the first time in my life I didn’t feel bloated after eating pancakes and even felt uplifted! I am absolutely gobsmacked. The taste is not that different and pancakes are so easy to make (I mixed flour+soy milk in a smootie maker). I’m so grateful to Lynsey for her consultation, inspiring and liberating diet tips and recipes, thanks Lynsey xx I’ve cut down on meat, replaced cow’s milk products with plant-based ones, and refined sugar with agave nectar, have never felt better!”


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