Consistency and Balance = POWER AND SUCCESS

Slinky Minxes Poster

The amount of adverts and promotion for fad diets, pills, shakes and potions already this year is just cray-cray, quite frankly. Make your 2015 the year of wising up to this nonsense and choosing an easy, clean, healthy lifestyle instead. No extremes, just easy street…all the way! If you have BALANCE and CONSISTENCY then you have SUCCESS and POWER.

This group is just £35 to join! So if you don’t need me for a full consultation, check out my Slinky Minxes group. You’ll make a saving and still get a tonne of good stuff!

* Private access to exclusive menus designed by me – regularly added to
* My expertise and guidance whenever you need me in the group
* Support from some AMAZING ladies already making great lifestyle changes
* Loads of recipe sharing and advice
* It’s all very pink but men are welcome too!

If you’d like to join simply make a payment of £35 via PayPal to and request access to the group. I’ll let you straight in!

xoxo Lynsey


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