Tonic Nutrition
Catterline, Aberdeenshire

Bio: Unapologetically bringing healthy back with pink hair and sparkles. Ok, so I don't have pink hair aaallll the time, but I am always on a mission to empower you on your health journey! Through Tonic H.E.A.L Academy you can access a range of online healing resources and e-courses aimed at healing your health issues and bejazzling your mojo. You can also see me on a person basis for one on one consultations - autoimmune, arthritis, acne, food intolerance, hormone issues...you name it, I will have a dietary solution. Mother Nature knows best and she will welcome you back with open arms (you go girl!). Allow me to channel her magnificent life force through delicious and nutritious plant based goodies. Come over to the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page to join our amazing community, REVOLUTIONARIES!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tonicrevolutionaries/ Fully qualified in general and plant based nutrition. My focus is healing through nutrition on a naturopathic level.

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