Good Morning Chlorophyll!


When you get that first whiff of chlorophyll on a morning and every cell in your body starts jumping up and down shouting “WOOHOO! GREEN ME!” 😂 I’m sure that’s not just me.

Chlorophyll is your wonder drug (that’s the green stuff). It will protect your very DNA from damage. Studies into colon cancer revealed that damage to the colon from eating fast foods and fried foods was reduced in those who consumed leafy greens to those who didn’t. Fried junk foods contains chemicals which will directly attack and mutate the DNA of the colon and it’s cells. But, that is not a green light to go and eat junk then follow it with a smoothie. Just avoid potential damage all together.

Greens also blast all your cells with pure energy from the sun’s rays. Literally, eat those sun beams!


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