Burn Fat for a Good Nights Sleep

Many people who have taken the Tonic H.E.A.L Academy Beat Sugar ecourse have reported that they now sleep much better. It’s common for someone with blood sugar imbalance to have disturbed sleep and wake frequently through the night. Here’s an explanation as to why that might be:

When your body is craving carbs and sugar, you tend to rely on this for energy – which is a very short lived energy supply as they burn really quickly which creates a high, then a low in your energy.

A properly nourished body with stable blood sugar will burn fat at rest – and while you sleep. In fact your ability to sleep through the night depends on this very ability to burn fat as fuel – not carbohydrate. Fat is a very long lasting fuel which can keep you going for at least 8 or 9 hours – which is around how long you should be sleeping for ideally.

If your body is not used to burning fat – only sugars and other quick burning carbs – you will find yourself waking every few hours. This is your body running out of energy to get you through the night. So essentially your body wakes you to look for food.

If you want to try the Beat Sugar ecourse the full details are at www.tonichealacademy.com. It’s really fun and we have a great support group of students over in the Clients Only area. The healing results are great too because training your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs will really kick off a great weight loss if you need it.


Moderation? Junk will damage you every time.

We all know that feeding our children – or ourselves – processed foods isn’t a good idea. But I think many of us believe that it’s unhealthy if eaten to excess and a little now and again won’t hurt. Well I would disagree. It’s unhealthy and dangerous every time you eat it.

Processed foods have many additives, one of which commonly being a derivative of coal tar. Yes… COAL TAR! This additive has been especially linked to hyperactivity in children.

You wouldn’t directly spoon coal tar into your children’s mouth, so why feed it to them disguised as food? Coal tar can be found in many artificially yellow or orange junk foods like soda (such as Mountain Dew) or cheese “flavoured” products like tortilla chips (Doritos – USA) or Kraft products. It’s not only these brands (and it may not be in all of their products), these additives are in a whole host of processed and packaged foods commonly lining our supermarket shelves. In fact, even foods like pickles may have been artificially coloured to make them look more appealing. 

Coal Tar – Tartrazine (which is actually added to some corporate named slimming products too, like the ones which claim to be “medically supervised”). It is also linked to thyroid tumours. When reading labels it may come under a different name such as E102 or Yellow 5. Apparently products Tartrazine within the EU have to carry a warning label so many products sold there have very different ingredients to those sold in the US where they have no such regulations. In fact, if you check the ingredients of Doritos in the UK they will not have Tartrazine, however check the US ingredients and it will. Also, interestingly, if you check the ingredients in Capri-Sun it will list high fructose corn syrup in the US, but not in the UK. (Not that it makes them any healthier though!).

Junk products, either in excess or in moderation, will still harm you every time you consume them. “Oh a little won’t hurt…” Yes. It will.


Amazing Client Update!

Amazing update from one of my lovely ladies! Fitness addict but struggling with weight loss. Outstanding results without dieting. Go girrrrrl!

“3 months totally “Tonic” eating – 17lbs off!! Plus I’m feeling better sleeping better than forever!
Haven’t changed my exercise routine – still doing same as before so it’s totally down to diet and I’m definitely eating more than I was!!”

Losing weight or maintaining weight isn’t about diets, extremes or restrictions – or pills, potions and shakes. Just eat the good stuff and lots of it! I can offer private consultations for lifestyle change or I run an awesome little group called Slinky Minxes which is just £20 to join and you’ll get a whole host of lifestyle change and weight loss options.

Plus, I’m just about to redesign everything into an awesome ecourse so all current members will get an automatic free upgrade to the new sparkly course. https://www.facebook.com/groups/slinkyminxes/ so get in quick! Message me for joining details.

H.E.A.L Thy Self!

Many health conditions are poorly dealt with by the medical profession. Most of my clients come to me after going through the medical system for many years with very little success and being told they just have to live with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, IBS and food intolerance because there is no cure. Our trust in the system often leads to approach seemingly simple dietary solutions with a little suspicion or mistrust. When in reality most health conditions can be very much cured or alleviated through a change in your diet – which was probably the root cause in the first place.

My aim is to empower you to find a dietary solution to your health issues through either personal consultation or through my range of e-courses.

A Tonic H.E.A.L Academy e-course will allow you to self asses your condition and self heal through a series of professionally designed treatment plans delivered straight to your inbox. You will have access to me at all times and most courses do come with a personal consultation too. You will also have access to my amazing Client’s Only area where you will be supported by other students who are currently going through treatment or have completed various courses. I achieve outstanding results with my treatment methods so why not take a look? Visit www.tonichealacademy.com for a full breakdown of all courses. Plus, you can join my free community hub – Tonic Nutrition Revolutionaries – where a lot of my clients hang out. Go over and ask them for yourself! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tonicrevolutionaries/

Good Morning Chlorophyll!


When you get that first whiff of chlorophyll on a morning and every cell in your body starts jumping up and down shouting “WOOHOO! GREEN ME!” 😂 I’m sure that’s not just me.

Chlorophyll is your wonder drug (that’s the green stuff). It will protect your very DNA from damage. Studies into colon cancer revealed that damage to the colon from eating fast foods and fried foods was reduced in those who consumed leafy greens to those who didn’t. Fried junk foods contains chemicals which will directly attack and mutate the DNA of the colon and it’s cells. But, that is not a green light to go and eat junk then follow it with a smoothie. Just avoid potential damage all together.

Greens also blast all your cells with pure energy from the sun’s rays. Literally, eat those sun beams!

Raw Pistachio Balls

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Here’s a little treat for you. A great little raw treat. Perfect for kids packed lunches or work snacks. Pistachio Bliss Balls. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.

150g soft dates
1 handful trail mix (organic no added sugar)
2 tbsp raw cacao (or you could use organic dark chocolate powder of you dont have cacao)
1 tbsp coconut blossom nectar (By Biona, available from any health food store or you could use maple syrup)
2 tbsp water

Blend everything together well then roll into balls.

Whizz up some pistschios into crumbs and coat the treats. Wet the balls a little if its not sticking. Enjoy the gorgeousness!

Bliss balls are so versatile. What’s your favourite combo? The Mince Pie Truffle ones I did at Xmas were pretty darn good.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Diet

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is on the rise in our children. It’s actually now the fourth most common mental disorder and is nearly as common as asthma or diabetes. But can diet play a part in controlling it? Well, yes in a lot of cases it can!

OCD is a disorder in which the sufferer experiences unreasonable fears, thoughts and compulsions. This may include aversion to being dirty resulting is obsessive hand washing, hoarding, checking, arranging and measuring. It disorder also comes with a lot of anxiety.

Scientists at the US National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) have investigated whether a bacterial infection could play a part in the disorder and have come up with some interesting findings. Streptococcal bacteria, which cause strep throat, scarlet fever and other infections, has been linked to having negative effects on the brain which could trigger OCD, or a syndrome which is very similar, by affecting brain enzymes. This an affect communication between the neurons which can lead to a tic disorder termed “paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococci” (PANDAS).

These bacteria can live in food, most commonly unpasteurized milk, ice cream, cheese, eggs, custard, shrimp and lobster. Although pasteurisation of milk should kill most bacteria, studies have shown that many will survive. Milk can also carry other pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, Tuberculosis bovis and Brucella. Interestingly, Brucella is very common in women but goes largely undiagnosed because of the “vague” and non-specific nature of the symptoms. Symptoms include light fever, joint pain, mild flu, chills and fatigue. A qualified Homeopath or Naturopath should be able to diagnose it. It’s pretty difficult to get rid of and is usually resistant to antibiotics. However, with the right diet and treatment it can be overcome.

Inflammation in the gut of children, and certainly of adults, can lead to neurotoxins disrupting brain function also causing OCD or other mental or emotional disorders. An anti-inflammatory diet and one which promotes gut healing and immune defence can be really beneficial in treating the symptoms.

Of course OCD and other mental or emotional disorders aren’t all caused or made worse through diet, but it’s a really safe and beneficial avenue to explore as it commonly will bring great results.