Operation Sparkle – my new free ebook

Skin ebook cover

Aw I made you all a free ebook! Operation Sparkle. This is for you guys who aren’t suffering from a skin condition but want to eat your way to glowing, healthy looking skin and get rid of pimples, blotches and breakouts. See below for a sneaky peek!

It’ll be up tomorrow in my gorgeous Revolutionaries group – the amazing Tonic community hub so get on over. Or, if you’re on the newsletter you’ll get it straight to your inbox. Get on the newsletter here http://eepurl.com/ba9eLP

Revolutionaries group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tonicrevolutionaries/

“Vitamin A, otherwise known as retinol, is up at the top of the list of go-to vitamins for skin. Your skin cells regenerate every 28 days and this mighty vit promotes that skin cell turnover as well as helping to create healthy new ones. If you are prone to oily skin or spots, vitamin A will keep oil production healthy by inhibiting sebaceous gland activity. Some mucous production in the skin is perfectly natural and vital for keeping the layers healthy. People deficient in vitamin A will often have dry, rough skin and possibly rough raised bumps on the backs of the arms. This is called hyperkeratosis pillaris. It can commonly be a sign of food intolerance but also as a sign of vitamin A deficiency. Choose red, orange and purple foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and berries. Dark leafy greens, lettuce and dried apricots are also great sources. I feel a smoothie coming on…”.


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