Paprika and Sundried Tomato Spuds

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Guess what, sometimes I don’t make every single thing we eat from scratch *gasp!!!* I know right?! But I’m a mum, I work and sometimes can’t be bothered. Just like many of you I imagine! To be honest I use herbs and spices for flavour most of the time which is actually easier than screwing the top off a jar, but hey – on some occasions I do it.

There is a lot of crap in our supermarkets but there are also some ok emergency items if you look hard enough.

So, for the rare days I don’t make a dressing from scratch I use a bought version I’m happy with. It’s not perfect, there’s a little vegetable oil and a small amount of added sugar. But this is why I use pastes in an emergency instead of sauces – with pastes you need such a small amount that now and again I can justify it!

Sundried tomato and paprika potatoes – white ones and sweet ones! Served with plenty of greens and garlicky rice noodles. Gobbled up by 2 hungry boys and a hubby!


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