Is What’s on Your Plate Contributing to a Disease State?

Plant based oils are a much better option to fish oils. Not only for your health but for the planet too.
Fish get their omegas from eating plankton, grasses and algae. That does not happen when they’re factory farmed. Just bypass the farming process and get your nutrients from the source instead.
Yes you could opt for cold water, line caught fish but they’re in such decline that you’re simply adding to the sustainability problem.
Don’t get me wrong, I agree fish tastes great! I used to love it. But there is not an everlasting supply of life on this planet. When it’s all gone what will we eat? Yup. Plants.
Factory farmed animals are sick, full of growth hormone (tumours love growth hormone), antibiotics, antifungals, animal grade medications, steroids and a few other nasties I won’t mention here.

I’m sure once upon a time when wild fish was in abundance it was had nutritional value – they ate loads of cool nutritious plants! These days? Nope. It’s reared and fed unnaturally which is why we live in a disease state.

Check out this article from Care2. Even if you don’t act on it, at least have the info in your noggin for future reference.


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