Puppy Love and Coconut Water


Puppy love for the coconut water this morning! I’m so not hungry yet. I think I’m still on rehydrate mode from Christmas!

Although I do usually have breakfast, I also like to eat intuitively too.

Just because you’re awake doesn’t mean your appetite is! Listen to what your body needs, it’s not always about feed feed feed.

Skipping meals is never good so if you wake with no desire to eat, make sure you HYDRATE. It’s important to fire up your metabolism and let the hunger come naturally. Room temperature water or even a hot drink will set things in motion nicely. Choose water, herbal teas, coconut water or natural homemade fruit water over teas and coffees for your first drinks of the day. Try to go for at least a pint, more if you can. A litre would be ideal.

You’ll feel every cell in your body sucking it all up and coming alive.

Just another simple change to your regime to help you feel awesome – and you will feel it.


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