Dairy free, low fat creamed leeks…Oh Yeah. I did.


I had made this for Christmas dinner? New Years we had a spicy carribean theme with steel drum music! I’m craving fruity and spicy.

Why not add in an old classic when you’re craving a traditional feed – creamed leeks?
I LOVE creamed leeks but I like a healthy version! This is low fat, gluten free and dairy free – but still super creamy and “cheesy”.

Fry off about 6 large sliced leeks. Set aside.

Make a roux: this is a really simple white sauce. It’s easy! Don’t panic! Just try it.

In a hot pan melt 3 tbsp dairy free “butter”/spread – don’t burn it.
Once melted mix in 3 tbsp gluten free flour with a wooden spoon. It will go lumpy! It’s fine!

Next, drizzle in dairy free milk slowly and keep whisking until combined. Add a little, whisk, add a little whisk some more. Carry on until you have a thick white sauce.

Next add 4 teaspoons English mustard, 1 teaspoon salt, white pepper, garlic granules, 2 tbsp soy cream cheese and optional nutritional yeast (about 2 tbsp). Mix well then pour over your leeks.

Keep any leftovers as a nice cheese sauce for your tatties!


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