Health and Diet – Make the Connection

Hello lovelies! Ask yourself this – what’s stopping you from achieving your health goals? I’m not talking about having great skin or losing some weight. I’m talking about getting well. Healing a health condition.

For many people using food as medication instead of pills can be an alien concept. We’re so used to visiting the GP to be sent away with a truck load of topical creams, antibiotics, stronger pain medication or just being told we need to live with it. NO!

I can’t stress enough how your health is directly linked to what you put in your mouth. You can heal or greatly alleviate many conditions just by changing your diet. It’s that simple.

If you find yourself going back and forth to your GP and not achieving the health results you’re looking for, why not try a different avenue?

I have many clients with a range of different health conditions enjoying the best health of their lives simply by looking at healing through diet. I can guide you and let you know which foods may be causing or making certain health conditions worse. I can design a personalised plan just for you with ongoing support and coaching to get you through to wellness.

Your body is awesome. It WANTS to be well. Many people see huge progress within just a few weeks. A dietary approach is the safest and simplest avenue to try – no toxic drugs, no crazy supplements…food. That’s it.

If you have any health condition then I can probably help but here are a few examples of what I successfully deal with on a regular basis – IBS, food intolerance, kids health, arthritis pain, autoimmune, eczema, psoriasis, acne, anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes, sugar cravings and hormone imbalance.

My method is to create a healing environment in your body. Doing this will allow your body to do all the work – it will make itself well all by itself given the right opportunity – and quickly too.

Message me now to book a consultation. How could you be feeling within a few weeks? or grab me at the Tonic Facebook page here >> 


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