Health and Diet – Make the Connection

Hello lovelies! Ask yourself this – what’s stopping you from achieving your health goals? I’m not talking about having great skin or losing some weight. I’m talking about getting well. Healing a health condition.

For many people using food as medication instead of pills can be an alien concept. We’re so used to visiting the GP to be sent away with a truck load of topical creams, antibiotics, stronger pain medication or just being told we need to live with it. NO!

I can’t stress enough how your health is directly linked to what you put in your mouth. You can heal or greatly alleviate many conditions just by changing your diet. It’s that simple.

If you find yourself going back and forth to your GP and not achieving the health results you’re looking for, why not try a different avenue?

I have many clients with a range of different health conditions enjoying the best health of their lives simply by looking at healing through diet. I can guide you and let you know which foods may be causing or making certain health conditions worse. I can design a personalised plan just for you with ongoing support and coaching to get you through to wellness.

Your body is awesome. It WANTS to be well. Many people see huge progress within just a few weeks. A dietary approach is the safest and simplest avenue to try – no toxic drugs, no crazy supplements…food. That’s it.

If you have any health condition then I can probably help but here are a few examples of what I successfully deal with on a regular basis – IBS, food intolerance, kids health, arthritis pain, autoimmune, eczema, psoriasis, acne, anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes, sugar cravings and hormone imbalance.

My method is to create a healing environment in your body. Doing this will allow your body to do all the work – it will make itself well all by itself given the right opportunity – and quickly too.

Message me now to book a consultation. How could you be feeling within a few weeks? or grab me at the Tonic Facebook page here >> 


Taking Bookings Now!

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Taking bookings for private consultations. I have 3 appointments left for next week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Skin conditions, food intolerance, autoimmune, hormone balance, arthritis, lifestyle change etc. Feel free to message me for a chat first or see if you feel one of my outrageously awesome ecourses are for you 😉

Follow my Fasting Journey

Just £10 to join! Fasting for Health starts Monday 1st June and is a 7 day professionally guided fasting program. Fasting has many fantastic health benefits such as stronger digestion, healthy bowel movements, elimination of toxins, reduction of bloating and better sleeping patterns. There are 3 great fasting styles for you to choose from – juice fast, water fast or warrior fast.

I started my fast yesterday so you can follow my journey before I guyed you through yours on Monday. We’ll aim for a week but just go at your own pace and however many days you feel comfortable with.

There is a fully downloadable PDF guide in the Fasting for Health support group to make sure you complete the fast safely.

Fasting for Health is just £10 to join. Make your paypal payment to and request access to the Fasting for Health group here >>

The Digestive Enzyme Solution

Food intolerance and IBS are usually super easy to rectify using a food elimination process. Within 2 weeks you’re usually symptom free and ready to start food testing and reintroduction. But, sometimes digestive discomfort can be caused by more than just a reaction to foods – it can be caused when your body doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes to break down your food. Symptoms of this include bloating, floating stool, nausea, indigestion, aches and pains, stomach pains, blood sugar imbalance, belching, feeling full before you’ve finished a meal and constipation.

Enzymes are essential for every cell in your body – in fact all of your physiological processes. They are composed of amino acids and there are around 3000 different ones. But, those are just the enzymes that have been discovered. Some scientists believe that there may be more than 50000 more yet to be identified.

Enzymes are responsible for reducing inflammation, energy production, nutrient absorption, detoxification, breaking down fats and balancing hormones. A deficiency in these enzymes can cause all sorts of discomfort.

According to Dr. Edward Howell you are born with limited enzyme producing capabilities and if you don’t get enough enzymes from the food you eat then a lot of strain is put on your digestive system to produce enough to break down your food. Most digestive and metabolic enzymes are produced by your pancreas.

A typical western diet is made up of processed and cooked foods. This, along with the overuse of medicines and drugs like antibiotics, can lead to a massive imbalance in your ability to breakdown and absorb nutrients from your food, leading to chronic health conditions and deficiencies. Not only this, but your immune system starts in your gut, so any deficiency in the gut can greatly impair your immune defences.

The best way to get enzyme rich foods is to eat them raw. So adding a high raw element to your diet is always advisable. The use of mouth washes and chewing gum can affect the enzyme in saliva, further causing digestive upset.

Some foods contain specific digestive enzymes, these include sprouted seeds and legumes, papaya, pineapple, avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive oil, mango, kiwi and grapes.

A lot of raw fruit and veg is termed as “pre-digested” food, so its very gentle on your digestive system. In fact, most people spend 80% of their energy simply digesting food! The digestive system wasn’t designed to be so over worked which could be why a large portion of the population suffer with low energy levels and fatigue.

The use of supplemented digestive enzymes could be beneficial for those suffering with digestive discomfort and mist be taken with a meal. They are safe but I would always recommend speaking with a qualified professional to asses your symptoms first before taking anything you don’t really need to be taking.

Sunny Summer Smoothie


Does anyone else get really excited for summer fruits season? I think out of everything just a simple strawberry smoothie is my favourite. Jazzed up with a bit of my raw lemon crunch granola 😍🍓🍋

Can’t wait for the stone fruits…..peaches…nectarines….plums…roll on summer! What’s your favourite season for food?

More Client Love…

Ah I love my clients. You’re all so cool. Especially when I get messages like this:

“I love the groups so much. Every time something appears on my page I think, yes eat healthy. It’s like the little angel on my shoulder beating off the sugar fiend devil on my other one ha x
I’m so glad I found Tonic”

Although, I do suspect they’re secretly drunk when I get the loved up messages 😂😂

You don’t need to become a client to utilise the awesome groups. Get over to Tonic Nutrition Revolutionaries and join the family!

Drink the Sun – a Rainy Day Remedy


Perfect rainy day remedy. You want sunbeams? Eat plants! Plants retain the energy and life force from the sun’s rays so fill your body with living, high vibration energy.

Chlorophyll in plants converts sunlight into carbohydrate. This is what plants “eat”. Cellulose is the plant matter which is created by this process. When plants are broken down the sun’s energy is released back into the atmosphere – can you imagine this process happening in your body as you digest them?

That is probably my favourite part of a plant based diet. Eating the sun 😍🌞