Raw Pistachio Balls

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Here’s a little treat for you. A great little raw treat. Perfect for kids packed lunches or work snacks. Pistachio Bliss Balls. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.

150g soft dates
1 handful trail mix (organic no added sugar)
2 tbsp raw cacao (or you could use organic dark chocolate powder of you dont have cacao)
1 tbsp coconut blossom nectar (By Biona, available from any health food store or you could use maple syrup)
2 tbsp water

Blend everything together well then roll into balls.

Whizz up some pistschios into crumbs and coat the treats. Wet the balls a little if its not sticking. Enjoy the gorgeousness!

Bliss balls are so versatile. What’s your favourite combo? The Mince Pie Truffle ones I did at Xmas were pretty darn good.


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