Warning! Gratuitous Cake Recipe Alert!


I made this tasty little number again on New Years Day. Red currant cheese cake – #raw #dairyfree #glutenfree.

It should have had a base but it got stuck in the ramakin 󾰯 or, if you have scone cutters you could layer this in those too.
For the record I’ll give you the base recipe anyway! Hopefully yours will turn out better than mine!

Walnuts, dates, pinch of salt, 3 teaspoons rosehip syrup. Blend together and push into a small cake tin or ramakin (although cake tin is a better option). You can sub rosehip for any natural sweetener like agave for example.


1 banana, 1 avocado, 1 tbsp raw cacao, 5 soaked dates, 3 tsp good quality vanilla essence and 2 teaspoons maple syrup. Blend together then mix through some fresh red currants.


Raw chocolate (melt 4 tbsp coconut oil and mix in 3 tbsp raw cacao and a drizzle of agave)

OR use good quality melted organic dark chocolate instead.

Freeze for 45 minutes.


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