Breaking News: I’m not Perfect *gasp!* haha x

We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses when it comes to our diet. It can be really easy to beat yourself up about how you’ve over indulged or had too much sugar in your tea or cracked and ate 3 extra biscuits. My weaknesses are definitely crisps on occasion and some days having one too many decafs. Sometimes I even go out with my friends and drink too much and flare up my Gilbert syndrome for the next 2 weeks 

But screw all of that. Did I enjoy the extra coffee? Yup. Did I totally love my weekend bag of salt and vinegar Tyrells? You freaking know it! Did I have an awesome night out? Of course! Good then! Move on!

Let’s focus on the good instead:
Most of the time I eat a fully raw diet
Most of the time I drink enough water
Most of the time I remember to take the supplements for my Gilberts syndrome

So, my point is don’t focus on what you perceive to be the bad parts of your diet. Look at the good! I bet it’s better than you think.

What are the best bits about your diet?


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