Cheeky Monkey Breakfast Stealer


Trying to have breakfast with these two veg monsters around is pretty impossible!

When it comes to kids and smoothies do yourself a favour and get a really decent blender or bullet. At least 800W.

Most kids hate bits – it’s just a kid thing so make it easy on them and offer up a smooth smoothie. Riley (pictured) will drink muddiest, greenest, bittiest, thickest concoction I could give him. But his brother Charlie – no way. If it’s not straight up chocolate, banana or strawberry he won’t drink it. But he will eat all his veg so I’m good with it.

If you’re just changing your eating habits don’t expect overnight results from your kids. It takes time, consistency and for you to lead by example. TRUST ME. I have a lot of mommas in my groups and slowly but surely they report big achievements from their kids. Don’t give up!

Any of my amazing mommas want to share their stories please feel free!


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