Raw Brekkie Jar with Berries and Coconut

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Fact: if you eat stuff out of jars it’s just better. Honest!

Seriously though it’s also a great way of broadening your nutritional range. Each food has different levels and types of antioxidants which will all help processes in your body in different ways.

I’m not saying eat a different meal every day of the week, just don’t get in a rut with your ingredients.

Instead of having a lettuce salad, choose spinach, greens and fresh herbs instead. Or instead of a bowl of porridge, top it with nuts, seeds and berries. Having a meal with potato wedges? Why not throw in roast parsnip, sprouts and sweet potato too. Green smoothie? Mix up those greens! Spinach, kale and romaine will all offer you different types of crazy awesome goodness.

Bigger plant based nutritional range = higher standard of health.


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