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In celebration of S.O.S Save our Skin launching tomorrow I have a flash sale on ALL courses on the Tonic H.E.A.L Academy website. IBS & Food Intolerance – Days to Freedom and Sugar it’s not me…it’s you! AND the new Save our Skin course only £35 until Friday. Get ’em quick!

I received an amazing testimonial from one of my gorgeous clients a few days ago so I thought I’d post it today. You’ll love it, her little boy – only 4 years old – went through the treatment as he was constantly covered in sore, itchy hives, poor little mite. Interestingly one of her other sons went through the course to support his little brother and his persistent blocked nose and sinus problems cleared up too!

Months of hives daily is what my four year old son has put up with! I tried all sorts and was at my wits end! I found Lynsey through Facebook and we have never looked back! We were lucky and it seems to be only a couple of things that actually break him out and we found it quite quickly, I guess for some it might take longer. He was a really picky eater as he also had digestive problems but now his appetite is enormous! And no hives! He’s even trying some new foods which he never does.

Lynsey knows her stuff, she is a very clever woman and passionate about what she does, she took us through an elimination diet which was tough but it’s not for ever, if you want to get sorted she can really help and WANTS to help, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and will definitely be following her Facebook page and turning to her for advice in the future.

P.s we have been having green smoothies in the morning! Wow! Sets you up for the day!”

So there you have it. A really simple and effective treatment safe for the whole family xx


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