Government RDAs? LALALALA not listening!!

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Banana, tangerine, blueberry and spinach. Hydration and a tonne of important vitamins and minerals to start the day.

According to government guidelines, this smoothie smashes my RDA of vitamin C and A.

But IGNORE that. You want to be getting your vitamin levels way above 500% if you can. Sure, you’ll “get by” – just – by listening to the “official” recommendations on vitamin intake. But if you want healing and a high level of health you’ll take what those guys say with a pinch of pink rock salt and up those plant based foods 4 or 5 fold. 

Cram in more veggies with your lunch and more with your dinner and you’ll be on track for super immunity, strong bones, cancer protection, higher energy, better weight management, mental clarity, better bone density, lower inflammation and just general coolness 


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