Zoodle salad 3 ways

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Oodles of Zoodles – raw salad 3 ways.

I love love love raw food. I do get a buzz off it. If you’ll indulge me and allow me to go “full hippy” for a sec, you can really feel the life force glowing off it and nourishing every cell in your body. Ok, hippy time over.

Ok so for the uninitiated, zoodles are zucchini noodles – basically courgette put through a spiralizer. You can put any hard fruit or veg through – carrots, cucumber, sweet potato, apples…anything you fancy making noodles out of or just for presenting your food in a different way. But if you love raw food and have a hankering for noodles – get zoodling.

Salad number 1 is pretty basic – zoodles, cherry tomatoes and walnuts in sea salt, lime juice and garlic powder. Topped with fresh chilli.

Second is that salad but topped with coconut curry sauce. Basically made with coconut milk, coconut curry spices, garlic and ginger.

Third is topped with wakame, which is seaweed. The health benefits of seaweed are massive. I’ve been eating a lot more of it lately to try to keep my Gilbert Syndrome in check. I’ll be posting about the health benefits of seaweed tomorrow so stay tuned.


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