Amazing Client Case Study – Nodular Prurigo

Amazing case study I think you’ll all like. Some skin conditions can be absolutely debilitating and it seems so unlikely a simple lifestyle change can go a long way to solving them. But sometimes, that’s just what happens! Sometimes it takes time to solve the problem but it’s worth the journey to live symptom free.

” I first started working with Lynsey about 10 months ago. I was struggling with an undiagnosed ‘itch’ on my legs which was starting to cause me real concern. The doctor kept telling me there was no reason for it as far as he could tell and that he was stumped. My skin wasn’t marked that badly at that point so there wasn’t anything to see. We went through every antihistamine known to man… they didn’t work.

Lynsey suggested it might be food intolerance but said there could also be other reasons behind it and that we’d just need to try and see.
We started in June with a detox…which was sheer hell! We cut out everything barring a few staples such as veg and potatoes.
Nothing helped. It just didn’t work. I kept itching and my skin started to show spots and marks all over. Eventually I was covered: from head to toe: it was even on my face and in my hair….and after getting a severe infection from scratching, I was referred urgently to the dermatologist and put on steroid creams etc. There were tests for lymphoma and all sorts of other things. It wasn’t a good time at all.

Meantime Lynsey kept faith with me and encouraged me to try again with the detox.
Slowly…very slowly..I started to start to identify some symptoms and times where the itch got worse and we realised I was intolerant to potato (what a stupid thing to be intolerant to!!)

At the same time the dermatologist finally gave me a diagnosis; I have Nodular Prurigo: an illness where there is no real ‘reason’ for the itch but where stress and intolerances have a part to play. Since my skin looked like a troll had taken over my body at that point: stress was definitely a huge factor! The dermatologist referred me for ‘light therapy’ and at the same time I cut out all potato products and followed Lynsey’s ‘raw week’ for a while.
What a difference. The itch disappeared almost completely …and my skin started to recover. I came off all the steroid creams and after 3 months I’m almost fully healed. My skin is clear. I still need a wee bit of treatment on my feet since they have been badly affected, and I need to keep control of my stress levels..but I finally feel human again.

I have to be very careful of foods since potato starch is in a lot of food and restaurants routinely use potato without saying anything…I struggled after a visit to the local Thai restaurant last week.
But knowing what the main issue is and being able to avoid it has made a big difference to my life.

Lynsey was a huge help and worked with me…around the medical stuff…constantly but subtly encouraging me to keep trying, even when I didn’t want to be encouraged!

Nodular Prurigo never goes away, and my stress levels will always have an effect on my health. But knowing my food intolerance means that I can now keep control of things and I’ll never be a human in a troll skin again!
Thank you Lynsey!!”


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