Sweeter Feet – What your pong says about you!

We all know someone who’s feet smell, erm…less than desirable…

But, funny as it may seem, any persistent and unpleasant odour coming from the body is a sure sign of imbalance.

There are a few possible causes of foot odour – after you’ve ruled out hygiene issues and wearing your socks too long of course. These include:

Liver and lymphatic congestion
Tinea infection
Heavy metal toxicity
Kidney insufficiencies
Nervous system sensitivity (increased sweat production from adrenal activity or nervousness)
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Thyroid conditions
Bacterial and fungal infection

Ruling out health conditions, there are a few dietary tweaks you could make to de-smell those tootsies:

Tea, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks are diuretics which means they will draw excess water from the body. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, herbal teas and coconut water to stop water loss and replace electrolytes.

Too much water and electrolyte loss can lead to muscle aches and restless legs.

Excess sugar consumption contributes to bacterial fermentation. It will also change skin pH which in turn could cause an odour. Changes in pH to an acidic range can lead to all sorts of mischief – gout, arthritis, psoriasis, food intolerance and even tumour growth and cancer.

Other factors to look at might be a liver and kidney detoxification, addressing inflammatory skin conditions or excess body heat (this can be a sign of liver congestion. Excess heat can cause excess perspiration which in turn can cause pongy pieds).

Any fungal infections should be rectified as well as a lifestyle change if you have diabetes, as these are all contributing factors to an increase in body odours.

Blood cleansing foods like ginger, greens, garlic and onion are also helpful to remove impurities from the circulation. Wheatgrass is a great addition if you have honking hooves because it’s a natural antiperspirant. It will also assist with blood, liver and kidney cleansing.

Here’s to sweet feet!


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