More Amazing Clients: Treating anxiety naturally. Case Study.

*CASE STUDY* Anxiety, panic attacks and even depression can be caused by many factors. But one that is largely (or always) overlooked by the medical profession is the diet factor. It’s a massive factor too. Neurotoxicity is very real and extremely common. It can be caused by candida overgrowth on the gut (which you may not realise you have), leaky gut syndrome from IBS or food intolerance, digestive issues like Crohns, Colitis or Celiac. Or simply through prolonged poor dietary choices.

Over time, neurotoxins can damage or even kill neurons in the brain. At best this will result in low mood or mood swings, then moving up the scale to anxiety, panic attacks, depression and even Alzheimer’s.

I deal with a lot of anxiety clients, and here’s a case study from a lady who has recently kicked her anxiety’s ass – the natural way.

” I started working with Tonic Nutrition just before Christmas (2014), which in all honesty is a tough time to change the way you eat and drink, but I took up the challenge. I suffer from anxiety, I think I have all my life but it became more predominant when I was a teen and in my early 20s. I would worry about things which hadn’t happened, would never realistically happen, then I would worry that I was worrying, then I’d worry I was worrying about worrying. It sounds mad but when you are the one worrying it’s a REAL scary thing, there is just no rationalizing it.

I used to blame it on this and that and try to find a solution but it wouldn’t ever deal with the issue. As usual Dr’s tried to stick me on drugs (because that cures everything, right?) but after following Tonic Nutrition on twitter and Facebook I thought I would get in touch and see if there was anything I could do to control or even eradicate anxiety through diet. Lynsey wasn’t phased by my request and sent me through my diet plan. I opted for an email consultation.

I was astonished at the things I should’ve been cutting out, diary, night shades etc because they were a main staple of my diet. However, once it was explained to me why I should be cutting them out it all made sense. I have been following my plan now for a good few months, with some slip-ups (I love cheese), but all in all I feel so much better for it. Anxiety is a funny thing, I think I will always have to live with it but being aware of my diet and really thinking about what I eat and how it can effect my body has truly been an awakening. Tonic Nutrition is not just a diet plan – it’s friendship, support, advice and above all it’s a life style.

I cannot recommend it enough. Lynsey has changed my life for the better. Not only have I got my anxiety under control but I’ve lost a bit of weight too, which is always an added bonus. ☺”


2 thoughts on “More Amazing Clients: Treating anxiety naturally. Case Study.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I’ll definitely be heading back to check out your future posts! 🙂 really well written. Keep it up! If you get a chance, stop by and follow my blog? I look forward to reading more soon 🙂 xx

    1. Aw thank you! Please come on over to the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page and join in. I have a great community group called Tonic Nutrition Revolutionaries. Loads of my clients are there and share stories and experiences so you’d be very welcome to join in. I shall go follow your blog now xx feel free to reblog and spread the good word!

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