Daily Jam Rant


One from the archives! Banana flax smoothie bowl with raw blackberry jam.

Those of you who have been around for a while will be aware of my feeling towards jam. Oh yeah. I hate the stuff – store bought that is. Pointless? Harmful? Sacrilege!

1. Cook berries until they are a mushy pot of ZERO nutritional value. All vitamins and antioxidants dead.
2. Add a shiz load of processed sugar….One of the most harmful substances in our diets today.

Inflammatory illness like arthritis, autoimmune, heart disease and emotional disturbance like anxiety, depression, low concentration, low mood, poor concentration, irritability, hyperactivity, cell damage, nerve damage…I could go on.

1 tablespoon of jam has over 12g of added sugar! That’s half of your RDA added sugar. There are no words.

Processed stripped out sugar is VOLATILE and harmful. In general we need HEALING.

Raw jam: full of healing properties, high vitamin content, natural sugars for slow release, natural energy and tonnes of antioxidants to HEAL and PROTECT.

Use fresh or defrosted berries, mash lightly with a fork. That’s it. You could add a pinch of full leaf Stevia or a drop or two of coconut blossom nectar (in a squeezy bottle available in health food shops). You could also add a teaspoon, maybe less, of maple syrup. You’re looking at less than a gram of added sugar per serving – that’s if you even use any.

Daily jam rant…done.


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