Soup and a Sandwich…? Come on, get with the times!


The days of your “soup and a sandwich” lunch should be well and truly behind you if you’re wanting to get en vogue with your nutritional wardrobe.

This season soup and a sandwich is OUT and Salad and a Smoothie is IN.

Instead of working the bloat and internal inflammation look why not ROCK a clear skin, flat tummy, alkaline and healing bespoke creation?

Bling it up with a rainbow of vitamins and minerals produced by the most exclusive designer around – Mother Nature. The time for synthetic ingredients is passed, dahhhhling, get on board with luxe ingredients like luscious greens, hydrating cucumbers, free radical fighting antioxidants, must have (essential) fatty acids and dazzling berries. The great thing is it’s so customisable too and it goes with anything. No more off the peg for you girlfriend, get haute couture on your midday munchies.

Cameras ready, prepare to smoothie xoxo



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