The Wine & Pretzels Diet..Loving it

Just following on from a discussion in my Revolutionaries group I’m going to put this out there. Tonight I’m having a little glass of wine and a few pretzels because my tummy hurts and I feel like it (sorry men folk, girl talk!).

My approach is not about diets, or following a certain eating regime. It about being real. I’m real, I like a little indulgence now and then. And so should you! I’m not saying pig out all weekend, every weekend, but a little something-something now and then is FINE.

Be mindful about your health, nourish it, treasure it and adhere to certain standards by all means, but have a life!

I eat WELL. I never restrict and I eat like a QUEEN. All gorgeous stuff, I love it.

Indulgences are NEVER “treats”. Junk is always junk. But will it hurt now and then? No!

So skip the guilt and schedule in a little naughtiness. You can’t be good all the time! So don’t try.

80% good, 20% indulgence. Guilt free.


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