Smoothie Bowls are the Freaking BOMB


It’s all about the smoothie bowl this morning.
I am totally STUFFED. Fruit is so high in fibre and hydration that you’ll have a bursting belly in no time. The key to maintaining a healthy weight – or losing weight – is the fibre content of your food.

Fibre is great for digestion, yes, but that’s really a teeeeeensy part of the vital role it plays in your body.

✔ blood sugar control
✔ lower heart attack risk
✔ lower stroke risk
✔ slows carbohydrate metabolism which means better weight management
✔ removes yeast fungus from the body, stopping excretion through the skin which may trigger rash or acne
✔ reduced risk of diverticulitis
✔ lower risk of hemorrhoids
✔ reduced risk of gallstones and kidney stones

So. Fibre will reduce your risk of most common illnesses while bringing your weight down but keeping you feeling full. Is that a perfect solution or what?

1 large banana, 1 chunk pineapple blended with camu camu and ground flax.
Topped with kiwi, blueberries, clementine and a few cashews.

Camu camu info:


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