Before and Afters – Client psoriasis and eczema treatment

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It’s brilliant to see so much interest in my clients post about her psoriasis clearing up through the work we did changing her diet over on the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page.

Years of being told by doctors that there’s no cure for your skin conditions can be frustrating and disheartening. One point is correct – there is no cure.

There will be foods you’ll need to avoid, if indeed diet is a factor in your condition. There’s no way of knowing until you try. I don’t have the answers, each case is individual.

Sometimes it’s both – environmental and diet. Some cases are an easy fix, others are way more complicated. It takes patience and persistence from you in order to heal. It can take weeks or it can take months. Both adults and children can be treated in exactly the same way. Safely and without creams or medication.

I’ve attached a few before and after pictures that some of my clients have kindly let me use. The first pic is the difference after 5 days, the second a 7 year old boy after 6 weeks and the third is adult plaque psoriasis after 12 weeks.

All this achieved by simply making some dietary changes. If you’re interested in exploring this avenue for yourself please get in touch at tonic or come on over to the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page where you can get involved in groups and speak to real clients. A solution is very real!


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