Beet it – ooooh..curly!


We’ve been all over beets lately in my Revolutionaries group.

This is spiralized raw beets with white rice, corn, snap peas and lime. I also made a hummus and lime dressing too. I got my spiralizer off Amazon for about £20. It’s an awesome little gizmo.

So, why beets? Well if you’re an athlete you’d better listen up. Beets are great for making your muscles work harder and also boosting stamina. Beets are hot news in athletic circles right now, and the evidence backing it up is pretty convincing!

Beets are a great source of carbohydrates and protein and their antioxidant properties are way high. If you have free radicals wafting around your body from lifestyle or environmental factors then beets are a great addition to sweep up those nasties.

Beets can help to reduce blood pressure which in turn lowers risk of heart attack and stroke. This is due to the high nitrate content. These nitrates produce nitric oxide in the blood which widens blood vessels and brings pressure down.

Normal tissue growth requires folic acid so beets are brilliant for mums to be – cooking them reduces the folic acid so eat raw! You could grate them up and add them to coleslaw. They are also high in iron so if you are pregnant and suffering from a little fatigue then beets are a great pick me up. This is also great if you’re anaemic.

󾬖󾬖 And, if you’re looking for luurrvvee, beets have been considered an aphrodisiac since Roman times 󾌧

What to do with them:

Grate up and make coleslaw or add to salads

Toss in salt, oil and balsamic glaze and roast

Buy a spiralizer and make beet noodles

Add a couple of boiled beets to smoothies

Make a great skin recovery juice with ginger, oranges and carrots


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