Calling all REVOLUTIONARIES!!! Wrap up the Guilt this Christmas.

Merry Xmas


So its all about the count down to christmas…sick of hearing it yet…? NOPE! ME NEITHER!!

I love christmas but I know for many it can be a nightmare when it comes to lifestyle and diet. Feelings of guilt about that 5th glass of Prosecco, or that 3rd slice of cake, or that second helping of creamed leeks….You’ve failed, you’ve “broken” your diet so you might as well crack open another bottle and unwrap 10 more Quality Street…right?

WRONG! Lets just chill the FUDGE out here. If you’re still “dieting” you need to bring your bad self right up to date. Dieting is OUT my friend. It’s all about the LIFESTYLE.

Since when did dieting ever work out for you? I mean long term? That time in 2002? Ah yeah, good times! But, we’re going into 2015 and while there’s nothing to say you really must change your ways at the strike of midnight on December 31st, it might be a good time to do away with negativity and harmful lifestyle choices. Why not make 2015 and beyond your years of enlightenment? Why not take the opportunity to get SAVVY about nutrition once and for all.

Chuck out those meal replacement shakes, and those crappy microwave meals, and those supplements that profess to contain a gajillion servings of fruit and veg (yep, you know you’ve been conned. Just freaking admit it).

You won’t be fooled by diet companies that tell you avocados and nuts are “high fat, eat their biscuits and chocolate bars instead”, you won’t meal replace with putrid, chemical filled shakes or juices, you won’t fast and you won’t restrict.

In 2015 you could make the connection between food and health. See beyond the bathroom scales. Finally break the vicious circle of dieting and actually learn to enjoy food for once – and lose weight without trying if that’s your bag.

Christmas, birthdays, meals out, holidays…they’re all part of LIFE. Start eating with STYLE. And you are fully allowed to point your finger and lovingly laugh at your friends still pretending that chalky juice filled them up.

Get on over to the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page and join the Revolutionaries group. 2015, the year of the SAVVY. Knowledge is power, time to do it your way.




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