Mostly Raw….But not Today!


Today was definitely a slow cooker day! I do like a mainly raw diet but how could I resist all of this beautiful food slowly simmering away filling the house with wafts of deliciousness……?
The great thing with slow cooking is you can just chuck everything in…..veggies, herbs, starches and a few grains too.

I went for rosemary, thyme, garlic, red lentils, paprika, turmeric, brown rice, carrots, parsnips and potatoes. I used just water and a couple of vegetable stock cubes as my liquid. Red lentils go nice and soupy when cooked so this will thicken it up.

I also made a Mediterranean sun dried tomato gluten free loaf to go with it but you could use corn cakes as dippers instead if you didn’t want to use bread. Bread isn’t something I’d generally eat, but now and again won’t hurt will it


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