“Dairy and Eggs are Allergens??” Say Doctors

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recently held their annual scientific meeting. We all know that dairy and eggs are up there as two of the most common allergens going right?

Guess who doesn’t? Our doctors. No surprise there then.

Just 27 per cent of pediatricians correctly identified the these foods as the most common allergens; instead, 34 per cent reckoned strawberries were one of the most common. Strawberries actually only affects one per cent of the population.
Food colourants are another very common allergen, but just 13% of paediatricians identified this.

“People with allergies, or who care for children who do, need to keep up-to-date with the latest information about treatments, but doctors don’t seem to be the best place to go” says allergist Kara Wada, who surveyed 409 doctors in the US. REALLY? No way….

Sorry, I’m being overly sarcastic but in all seriousness this information is a welcome breakthrough.

Some people just aren’t willing to believe anything other than what their doctor tells them, even faced with masses of evidence to the contrary (cognitive dissonance). This unfortunately can impede a person’s opportunity to get help and healing. Which is sad, but I understand completely that people still trust in the system, no matter how flawed. I’m NOT saying go against your doctor, I’m just saying be open to the fact that there is another way.

Hopefully this will bring yet another phase of awakening and open mindedness when thinking about alternative treatments. Or, as I see it, the original treatments.

Just as an interesting end note, the majority of doctors quizzed also confused iodine contrast agent, used for CT scans, with iodine in shellfish…. I’m sorry but, they should really know that..right?

(Source: Proceedings of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology annual scientific meeting, November 7, 2014).


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