Gorgeous Gluten Free Calzone

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Gluten free calzonés with a mountain of quickly sautéed broccoli, spinach, peppers, onion and courgette. I just made my usual pizza dough recipe (on here/instagram/facebook) but just made it into calzoné instead. I added paprika, turmeric and mixed herbs to my dough too.

It’s great to have variety but in reality we usually stick to the same 7 – 10 meals out of habit and ease, so it’s good to think about how we can make changes within our usual meals to keep it interesting.

It’s important for kids especially to be used to a wide variety of meals, textures and ingredients. Kids get hooked on routine so if you’re in the habit of serving them the same meals with limited ingredients they won’t react to change very well. It’s a security thing.

If your normal routine is that mealtimes mean variety they’ll be much more likely to try new things. But be clever about it, theres no need to make something different every night. By simply switching up a standard meal so it appears different makes it easier on you and your shopping bill.


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