Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – recipe share from Pre-Christmas Minx


There’s loads of awesome recipe sharing going on over in the Pre-Christmas Minx Facebook group! As well as a few slinky minxes (and ‘man’xes) doing great with their weight loss, but most importantly NOT DIETING. From half a stone in 2 weeks to 2 stone in the last eight weeks! Not everyone wants to lose weight, but if that’s one of your goals, this is a great little support group. Plus there’s an exclusive menu for group members.

Thank you Teresa Scott for posting a roast pumpkin seed recipe – with maple syrup and cinnamon. Love it! This is my effort….just totally plain!

Simply dry roasted at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

If you’d like to join the group it will just run and run. I’ll be changing the name after Christmas!
The details are in this event if you’d like to join –


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