Frightful Food…Muwahahahaha

Frightful Food

MUWAHAHAHAHA! Happy Halloween and a Spooky Samhain!
You want frights and spooks? Get a load of this little lot…some truly frightful food!

Fangs – Tooth decay is a real problem in our mini monsters. It’s not just trick or “treats” that can cause mischief. Don’t be fooled by no added sugar fruit juice cartons…they are rotten to the apple core with either artificial sweeteners which are so acidic they can affect tooth enamel, or full of “natural” fruit juices which is dangerously concentrated. Want your kids to have fruit juice? The perfect amount is conveniently wrapped up in a serving of fruit – an apple, some grapes or a tangerine. Quench their thirst with water.

Flesh – “Any animal flesh is the single causative dietary factor with colitis, Crohn’s and other inflammatory bowel disease. I have never seen a case of complete lasting healing of IBD where a person continued to eat meat” – Dr. David Klein, Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Recovery Centre.

Blood – Blood and blood pressure are very much affected by the foods we eat – namely processed salt (like table salt, NOT good quality natural rock salt). Some forms of saturated fat can also cause blood curdling problems. These come from fatty meats, dairy and some monounsaturated fats like rapeseed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil – however these oils are fine in moderation. High blood pressure increases the risk of hardening of the arteries…reduce these risky foods and let your blood flow freely.

Dairy – The most terrifying of all? The body’s immune response to dairy is often mucus, especially in children. No, they don’t grow out of it, their little bodies just adapt and try to cope. Cue symptoms of ill health in later life. So if your chilling children are snotty, have ear infections, catch all the colds from school and are acting like little monsters on a regular basis you might do well to ditch the dreaded dairy and watch how they transform into healthier, snot free, more emotionally stable little angels. Dairy is also inflammatory so is a major trigger in inflammatory diseases. It’s also acidic too, which means your body has to leach calcium and other minerals from your bones in order to put the pH balance right. Look after your spooky skeleton and switch to one of the many nutritious plant milks instead.

Mead – (alcohol). Alcohol directly damages cells along your guts and entrails Muwahahaha!!! (or digestive tract). This can cause inflammation in the gut and cause it to leak. Alcohol also changes your inner ecosystem and can contribute to bacterial overgrowth. Candida, thrush, UTI’s…? Gruesome! A little now and again really isn’t going to hurt, but if you’re the type of person who has a little drink most nights, or a good few at the pub most weekends you’ll be at greater risk of doing yourself a serious mischief.


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