Autoimmune Recovery Journey

Obviously as a therapist I adhere to strict confidentiality. However sometimes my clients feel so awesome they like me to write case studies for my Facebook page. People find them really inspiring.

Here’s my latest….

Are you ready for an absolute tear jerker of a case study? Sometimes you meet people who are true inspirations. Here’s one of them.

Before I met my client and we were corresponding by text and email, none of her messages made any sense because she was in such chronic and debilitating pain she could barely press the keys. Plus her hands were pretty locked up from her conditions. She has a string of auto immune diseases – Lupus, Hypothyroidism, Pernicious Anemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I must point out that a meat free diet is not necessary in a lot of cases (although I’d always recommend it), but when dealing with this level of chronic, inflammatory illness I feel it’s the only way forward. No toxic or inflammatory factors can be present in the body.

Understandably my client has been prescribed a tonne of medication.  Within 14 days she’d probably reduced the pain meds by 50%.

“28 days ago I set off on my plan from Tonic. I’m 39 and only 4 weeks before I had ran a half marathon. Now I was crippled with fatigue and debilitating pain. My mood was on the floor and tears were my day. I was incredibly desperate and trusted her implicitly, she made me laugh, she understood and she got me.

My detox was horrific – years of abusing myself made sure of that but Lynsey at Tonic gave me hope. Today 28 days on I still have a long way to go, but I’m 17lbs down, I feel so different and I’m on an incredible journey with my health, food and my attitude.

My illness is Chronic, my pain is severe but in 28 days I have felt changes that were unimaginable to me…Today is my first major milestone as a Gluten and caffine free Vegan and you know what….I’m loving it. I love Tonic…..x #changesforlife

I’ve come such a long way in such short time. I have so far to go and feel little overwhelmed but I feel quietly strong.

I want you to know you made a difference to me x u gave me tools, with no judging and I know I’ve not even scratched the surface…

My life might not be what it was but I’ll accept that and work hard and quietly for a beautiful different future xx

1 stone 4lbs gone……

😮 xxx feeling humble”


I’m not sure what to say after that. I’ve met some strong willed clients on my journey but this girl is fierce.

Doctors will tell you there’s nothing that can be done for autoimmune (and most other illnesses) other than pumping yourself full of toxic medication.

While there is no cure, and some medication might always be necessary, you can turn your life around simply by changing your diet.

Right, I’m off to blub into my lotus leaf tea. Feeling very emotional now! Xx


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