Breakfast Ice Cream – Sugar and Dairy free of course!


I’ve got a lot to be grateful for today!

1. Nomming healthy peanut butter chocco ice cream for breakfast to mark the end of what’s been a BRILLIANT Raw Food Week

2. TONIC HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL! Welcome and thank you to my new international clients

3. Nomming healthy ice cream for breakfast….

4. Nomming healthy ice cream…..

Recipe – you’ll need a food processor:

2 👉ripe👈 frozen (pre-chopped) bananas

2 tsp organic peanut butter

2 tsp raw cacao OR dark cocoa powder

Process on high! It might need a drizzle of dairy free milk while blending

Drizzle either in a little raw chocolate (coconut oil mixed with raw cacao) OR 2 squares of good quality dark chocolate – it’s dairy free and low in sugar plus it still retains some if it’s antioxidants.

You’ve got a sugar free, dairy free ice cream, really high in potassium and minerals, a little essential fat and some protein too xx


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