Nourish not Neglect!

Pain killer and drugs combo can lead to higher risk of stomach bleeding, especially in the elderly.

“Common painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen increase the chances of stomach bleeding, as everyone knows.  But the danger increases dramatically when they are taken with other drugs, and the risk is greatest for elderly patients.

Taking NSAID (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs) painkillers with steroids poses the greatest risk for gastro-intestinal bleeding, say researchers, but a drug cocktail that also includes corticosteroids, diuretics or anti-coagulants also produce a “significant excess risk”.

Older people, who are more likely to be taking multiple drugs, are most at risk, say researchers from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, and doctors should be aware of the potential dangers when prescribing the drugs.

Low-dose aspirin on its own is probably the safest option and the one least likely to cause bleeding, they say.” – WDDTY.

It’s easy to believe you’re fine and “you don’t eat great but it hasn’t done you any harm”. Your body is the master of disguise. It adapts very quickly to the pressures we put in under though various lifestyle choices.

Adapting is a dangerous thing. It’s just another word for coping. At some point your body won’t be able to cope anymore and will show you this through signs of chronic illness in later life. That’s no fun.

Tip the balance in favour of your health now, and you’ll be far more likely to enjoy an illness free later life!

Follow an anti inflammatory diet, keep your body in an alkaline state – most of the time. Choose healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy foods and you won’t feel restricted.  No one has a perfect diet – it’s not necessary to. As long as you really nourish yourself the majority of the time, instead of only looking after yourself now and again, you’ll be fine. Remember 80/20! Nourish yourself 80% of the month. Then you have room for the occasional indulgence.

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