Bare Naked Food *selfie alert!


The 5 Days of Raw online event over on the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page is in full swing! It’s great to see people enjoying it so much and feeling the benefits

. I love my fully raw lifestyle and I hope the group take aspects of it to incorporate into their own diets going forward. More raw is the way forward!

Healthy eating really is subjective.  People tell me they’re healthy because they use sweetener over sugar, semi skimmed over full fat, diet coke over original. I’m hoping that we’re now looking outside of all of this “manufactured health” and understanding what being healthy is really all about. Whole foods in their natural form.  Not low fat, sugar free, artificial, dairy,  trans fat “products”. Eat authentically and take your diet back to the source. This is taking your perceived healthiness to another level.

Your body will shine given the right opportunity – bare naked food! It’s not only health building but it’s confidence building too.  Have it all – better protection from disease and the skin to rock a no makeup selfie too.


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