Eat More Raw!


Don’t eat meat and dairy, ditch the sugar, limit alcohol, avoid trans fats, choose organic, gluten is harmful, make from scratch, say goodbye to processed….wowzer.

I can really see why my clients and others struggle to know where to turn. We’ve made it so difficult for ourselves to get back out of this nutritional funk.

It’s gone on for decades so now eating healthily (or eating “normally” in my book) is a learned skill! Where do you even start?

Well, despite all the limitations, there remains a group of foods that have been here all along. Those who have been quietly waiting to make their comeback in a massive “told you so” stylee. Those who nudge each other on the supermarket shelf, whispering “they’ll be back” as you walk past.

A group of foods that you needn’t restrict, in fact they’re UNLIMITED.  Fill your boots man! Go crazy! It’s a party in your plants!

Grab those veggies, as many as you like. Squash them in a cool looking jar and away you go.

Congratulations,  you are now a “healthy eater”. So while you’re getting your creative veggie juices flowing, keep munching that raw!


4 thoughts on “Eat More Raw!

  1. OOOOOOO my! Starting to keep on a Raw regime, the first 3 days were the worst. Sugary junk food was calling out to me! I think a healthy me will thank me for staying with it!

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