What’s in the Box Today?


The boy’s lunch today. Today we have a mixed salad box with potatoes, carrots, corn, cucumber and tomato. I’ve added a drizzle of hemp oil and some ground flax for those essential omega 3s. Most children and adults are deficient in omega 3. Why we love them:

A lot of diseases, like heart disease and arthritis, seem to be related to an inflammatory process. Omega-3s can tune down the body’s inflammation, and that may be how they help prevent some of these chronic diseases

Brain development, growth, hormonal balance, less risk of type 2 diabetes and to stabilise blood sugar.

We’ve also got potassium rich fruit, cranberry & coconut, and nut “caramel” bliss balls (coming soon).

Since it’s Friday I’ll probably put in a packet of crisps too.

No we’re not perfect, nor would I want to be. Unfortunately in modern life these foods exist and I feel teaching moderation and health is better than teaching restriction.


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