Raw Chocolate Treats

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Why not have a go at making your own raw chocolate?  It’s pretty easy and you know you’re getting a pure product. I made a fruit and nut selection;  cherry, sultanas and blueberries.  Half with almonds,  half with walnuts 😍



Melt 5 tbsp coconut oil in a warm pan. Doesn’t need to be too hot! It will melt easily at a low heat.

Add 5 tbsp raw cacao

Pinch salt

1.5 tbsp natural sweetener. I used coconut blossom nectar (it’s by Biona and available from any health food shop) but you could use agave or similar

Optional: a few drops of vanilla

**adding peppermint essence will give you minty chocolate 😋

Pour into any moulds, I just filled flexi muffins cases with a few ml of mixture and topped with my nuts and fruit.

Hobby craft sell a range of different moulds if you wanted different shapes or designs.

If you haven’t got moulds use a clean, oiled Yorkshire pudding tray!

Refrigerate until solid (or freeze if you’re impatient!)


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