Psoriasis Client Case Study



Seriously, is this “see who can make Lynsey cry the most” week? 😘 Another amazing case study from one of my Psoriasis clients. The power of naturopathic healing!

“ok….so 6 months ago I had horrendous psoriasis, I suffered with tummy aches bloating and never slept a full night. I was constantly tired and suffered with mood swings (according to my other half.. .still not convinced). My lifestyle was BUSY and as most people “I didnt have time” for fussy foods and loads of prep however my skin was getting worse and really bothered me, I wouldn’t dream of exposing my legs as they were so covered in psoriasis!!…I contacted Tonic Nutrition to try and help with this but warned her I like a drink, I love my food and I won’t be doing lots of excercise  as “I just don’t have time”  …..the first week was a lot easier than I expected and preparation of food was far easier than I had anticipated!  The whole family started joining in with my morning smoothie and within weeks long gone were the cereals filled with chemicals!! Then my biggest change… skin started to heal. this only took 6 weeks to make a difference and spurred me on even more!! 

6 months on I really cant put into words how much I owe to Tonic. I have now given my lifestyle a mega overhaul we have healthy homecooked meals everyday that take less time to make than frozen mass produced rubbish! We even have our own herb garden!!! And my son loves nothing more than adding fresh tastes to everything! My skin is nearly completely clear and I have even managed to rock a skirt this summer something I haven’t managed in nearly 7 years!!! 

Thank you so much for the help, guidance,  encouragement and support given it really has changed my life and my family’s. x”

*sob!* seriously though I think my client has forgotten how ill she was in the beginning, both emotionally and physically.  So proud of you!


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