Choccy Coconut Nice Cream


Sometimes you’ve got to have chocolate ice cream for breakfast. We all get cravings for sweet treats, the human body is build to run on sugar. We convert food to sugar for energy. That’s why we love the sweet stuff so much! But over time we’re conditioned into buying junk brands instead of getting our sugar fix from nature. The sugars we consume from fruits give us a clean, sustainable energy source which is easily digested by the body. Plus add in a little organic dark chocolate (or ideally raw cacao) for a lovely antioxidant boost and you really are laughing 😉

2 chopped frozen bananas (ripe)

1 big tablespoon raw cacao (or use organic dark coco powder)

A little almond milk

Whizz in a food processor


I topped mine with a little coconut milk for a gorgeous blast of essential fats.



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