Hot Jammy Zero Added Sugar ‘nana Oat Bowls



Hot banana oat bowls with raw cherry jam and shards of organic dark chocolate for my boys.

Things like jam and chocolate are never off the menu in our house and it makes me feel good to know we can enjoy those things in their natural,  anti inflammatory form. The new government guidelines to halve the daily added sugar intake to just 25g is amazing.  This breakfast has zero grams added sugar yet it’s still sweet and lovely (no, it isn’t Mr Kipling sweet. That’s not a natural taste I want to encourage my kids to look for).

The proposed guidelines have people wondering where they’ll get their sugar. We are a no added sugar household (90% of the time anyway) yet still enjoy “sweet” foods every day. Nature provides! Go back to the source, not to Mr. Coca Cola for your sugar fix.







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