Fresh Kid’s Strawberry Smoothie


Quick and easy processed sugar free and dairy free, strawberry smoothies for the boys. No preservatives, no E numbers, no artificial flavours.

Children are sensitive additives and sugars in food.  They react through hyperactivity, low concentration, tearfulness, anger, inability to listen and low mood when the crash comes.

These things are not really normal behaviour on a daily basis. Their little bodies just can’t cope with the junk in processed foods.

Keep them eating, but fill them with nutrients their bodies can convert to sustainable energy.

These smoothies give them good quality calcium, protein and vitamin boost for brain function and bone development,  muscle growth and repair and immune function. There’s also fibre for good digestion and plenty of hydration to push it all through.

2 large very ripe bananas

6 ripe strawberries

400ml unsweetened almond milk

This made 2 smoothies each.



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