Repair Cracked Heels Naturopathically!

Repair cracked heels naturopathically!
Your skin is one of the most powerful indicators of your health. Conditions such as acne, rashes, inflammation and excessive wrinkles are all indicators of poor internal health.
Let’s take our feet for example. Who has cracked heels? This indicates a lack of Vitamin A, zinc, Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. It can also suggest excessive sugar consumption (processed sugars will age and dry out the skin very quickly).
Luckily I have a wonder medicine which is guaranteed to work if taken daily! I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in a few weeks. Ditch the processed sugars, cut down on the alcohol and up your water intake. A daily dose of the following will help repair your skin;
(this will also work for preventing other lines and wrinkles too…)
2 bowls of broccoli, lightly sautéed in lemon juice, herbs and spices
2 red peppers
2 handfuls kale or spinach
3 large tomatoes
1 tablespoon mixed seeds
2 teaspoons rapeseed oil or coconut oil
1 cup of mixed berries

This will:
1) Prevent free radical damage. Those free radicals attack your collagen! Not good! They also attack every other cell in your body causing mutations which lead to disease
2) Repair damaged cells and regenerate new, healthy ones
3) Maintain skin and protect from sun damage (of course still wear your sun protection cream)

There are of course other vegetables and fruits to consider, like sweet potato, carrots, beetroot, spring greens, turnip greens, squash, dried apricots and mango. A diet heavy in plant based foods will maintain and repair every cell and function in your body. Eat those greens! (and reds, and oranges and purples and yellows…)



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