Health? It’s all in the details


Another beautiful day! Who’s planning on having a picnic? Having a healthy lifestyle is all about the details. Where can you make changes to squeeze in extra nutrients? So instead of a nutrient devoid standard sarni, why not add in a few power ingredients? 

Hummus, per 100g:

22% iron, 4.3g fibre, 6g protein and 7% calcium (butter has no iron, no fibre, only 1g protein and 3% calcium)


Lettuce is great, it contains lots of minerals but add in a bit of spinach and you’re seriously picking up the iron content as well as adding lovely chlorophyll for blood cleansing and oxygen boosting. 

Chia seeds:

If you have Chia seeds all the better for getting your calcium and essential fats on, if not any other seeds will do! More protein, more good fats, more fibre. 


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