Musings From a Train



Train snacks 🙂 it pays to be organised! I could have just bought a load of junk from the trolley. But should I do that just because I have the opportunity to? In my opinion, no.

If I’m eating out with friends should I pick the most unhealthy thing on the menu just because I have the opportunity to?

Or eat cake for someone’s birthday in the office (for the 3rd time that week)?

Or have extra helpings, alcohol or dessert at Sunday dinner, just because it’s the weekend? 

Before you know it you’re making unhealthy choices multiple times a week and wondering why you’re not reaching your goals.

Am I a saint who is always super healthy? No!

I’ll be going to my sister’s birthday this weekend. There will be the odd few drinks and you best believe I’ll be getting chips at the end of the night! And I’m going to enjoy them! But I’m planning for that though, the occasional splurge never hurt anyone.  I work on the rule of 80/20. If you can really look after yourself 80% of the month, the occasional naughtiness isn’t going to affect your health, or your weight. 

Don’t reward yourself with unhealthy choices.  It just doesn’t make sense.


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