Maple & Mango

Maple overnight oats very simply topped with mango. Oh and delicious coconut & hazelnut granola too.

Operation Fully Raw going full steam ahead! Feeling totally awesome actually.  And I’ve realised it’s around my 1 year vegan anniversary too so what better way to celebrate than graduating up to Raw Vegan status? 

The thing to remember with any lifestyle though is not to sign a contract with yourself, and don’t tie yourself in to following any particular plan. You set the rules. Want to try 801010 but the food quantities don’t suit you?  Just rewrite it YOUR way. Fancy being fruitarian but you’ll really miss cooked quinoa? Rewrite it YOUR way. Want to be sugar and gluten free but still enjoy the occasional cake or pizza? Rewrite it YOUR way! Want to be all of those things different days of the week? Do it! 

Will I stay raw vegan forever? Vegan definitely yes, but raw? No probably not. It’s likely I’ll flit in and out of it if I’m honest, depending how I feel. This suits me for now but if I crave a big, fluffy baked potato, guess what?  I’m gonna eat that bad boy and I’m gonna love it 😊




6 thoughts on “Maple & Mango

  1. Hey I just hit my 2nd veganniversary not too long ago too! It’s crazy how much has changed in such a short time. I have been experimenting with raw, too, and we share the same logic. I eat what makes me feel best. Looking forward to seeing what is to come 🙂

    1. Oh happy vegan birthday! Congratulations xx I agree with you. As long as you’re eating compassionately there’s loads of ways to eat healthily.its a shame to tie yourself in. Since being vegan I’ve never experienced such a range of different foods, it’s like candy land! I’d hate to be tied down to one way of eating. Xx

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